Natural and Salvaged Arts and Decor for Cottages/Farms and Lovers of Primitive and Country Styles

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see the following for most small to medium items for sale:



here are two of our on-farm site, at the Carlisle festival:

So, it's like this,  see...

90 % of our stock (maybe even more than that!) is BOTH HANDMADE - most, without patterns, so they are TRULY UNIQUE AND ONE-OF-A-KIND - and HOMEMADE. Home meaning they are  local - that is, mostly rural east coast.                                                         


 The remaining 10 % or so of our exciting wares are ALL SALVAGED AND RECYCLED USING NATURAL PRODUCTS to make useful and/or decorative items for your COTTAGE, CABIN, GARDEN OR FARM.


"Primitives" or "Prims" are "all the rage" recently, but we guarantee you will NOT see a single one of our items, altered collectables, or artist's unique concepts  duplicated ANYWHERE ELSE but here at Rustic Revivals.  We are proud of OLD and ECCENTRIC AND ORIGINAL...all the way!

There are some great gift ideas:  NEW  IS OLD!!  Forget a gift for your cottage hosts?  

Everything we do we try to be "green" with as little strain on the environment as possible. We like to work in HARMONY with Nature's Offerings.  And, when possible, we find litter that has NOT been working in Harmony, and we - um - TURN IT INTO FABULOUS ART!      So-  SAVE OUR FORESTS!  SAVE OUR FARMLAND! (See Rural Revivals on Facebook, our 'sister site!'  Especially if you're a farmer/land0wner looking for extra income)  SAVE OUR HISTORIC BUILDINGS!

 We will do Custom Orders of anything, any shape or size.  Just email us at,  or under the form at "contact us", above left.

 Photos of every single item we've ever had made are uploaded for you to view on the Facebook site - just click on the link on our Home page, or type in Rustic Revivals in the Search,  once you've signed into Facebook!



"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived"  - Henry David Thoreau

"Life is not measured in how many times we take a breath , but in how many times our breath is TAKEN AWAY."

our motto - we alter everything!  Except ourselves!

"Live Simply.  It's that Simple"